About us

About our company

Technometa Solution has established in 2015. Ever since we are working in multiple development technologies trying to be at par with latest demands of Business. Besides being trusted by multinational Business Giants, most of our work has been for entrepreneur passionate to set their mark in the world. To keep up-to-minutes with I.T. trends, we have dedicated training Department to help developer acquire newer technologies and frameworks. Right now, we have Pakistan’s finest software breed working in .NET(Web and Desktop), PHP and Mobile Projects.

At Technometa Solution we are not just offering a generic software development and quality analysis outsourcing services with no innovation and nothing but a myth of rate saving. Although we have a very competitive commercial offer (some of the best global rates), RMGS’s value proposition lies in the INNOVATION .

Our teams, can add to your software projects not just knowledge and expertise, but they can also resolve any technical problems you may face. Our teams will be considered a part of your in-house teams with a small difference in time zone. This is with taking into consideration being efficient communicators in daily and weekly meetings together with being cooperative altogether in order to access the utmost perfection for your software products.

  • Software development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Business Intelligence
  • Application Support

Our Process

1. Planing

2. Design

3. Development

4. Launch